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讲师:周旨艺 Instructor:Zhiyi Zhou

  • 2 小時
  • 884美元
  • 银河舞蹈学校


中国舞初级高阶课程对孩子们的重要性在于,它进一步深化和扩展了他们在中国舞蹈方面的学习和技能。通过这个课程,孩子们不仅继续强化舞蹈基本功和身体柔韧性,还开始接触更复杂的舞蹈动作和编排技巧。这种系统的训练不仅有助于他们在舞台上展示更高水平的表现,还培养了他们的耐心、毅力和团队合作精神。 The beginner advanced Chinese dance course is important as it further deepens and expands their learning and skills in Chinese dance. Through this course, children not only strengthen their fundamental dance techniques and physical flexibility but also begin to explore more complex dance movements and choreography skills. This systematic training not only helps them showcase higher-level performances on stage but also cultivates patience, perseverance, and teamwork spirit. This stage of learning lays a solid foundation for their future development in the field of dance.



* 第一节试课后不满意可以在7天内全额退款。7天后,课程不可以退课退款。退款需Email申请至。信用卡付款将在10个工作日左右退回到信用卡。其他付款形式的退款形式为支票邮寄,10个工作日内邮寄支票至登记住址。 * 换课需经学校同意方可。 * 如有个人休假或因病缺课,学费不退,可以申请插班补课。 * 如因特殊情况下不能参加剩余课程,需Email至info@galaxydance.us申请将剩余的课程存储。

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