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讲师:Alice Instructor: Alice

  • 1 小
  • 442美元
  • 银河舞蹈学校


芭蕾启蒙课程对孩子们的重要性在于,它为孩子们提供了初步接触舞蹈艺术的机会,尤其是芭蕾舞这一经典艺术形式。课程教材会运用到英皇教材的PP和P级,注重孩子们对舞蹈兴趣的培养。这种早期的教育不仅帮助孩子们建立起正确的舞蹈基础,还培养了他们的耐心、纪律性和专注 The importance of ballet introductory classes (ages 4-5) lies in providing children with their first exposure to dance, particularly in classical forms like ballet. Using curriculum such as the Royal Academy of Dance's PP and P levels, the focus is on nurturing children's interest in dance. This early education not only helps establish a solid foundation in dance technique but also cultivates patience, discipline, and focus



* 第一节试课后不满意可以在7天内全额退款。7天后,课程不可以退课退款。退款需Email申请至。信用卡付款将在10个工作日左右退回到信用卡。其他付款形式的退款形式为支票邮寄,10个工作日内邮寄支票至登记住址。 * 换课需经学校同意方可。 * 如有个人休假或因病缺课,学费不退,可以申请插班补课。 * 如因特殊情况下不能参加剩余课程,需Email至info@galaxydance.us申请将剩余的课程存储。

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